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How We Provide Care

The Care Communities specializes in the recruitment, training, coordination and management of volunteer Care Teams to provide direct non-medical care to individuals with serious illness.

Clients are provided with one-on-one case navigation by trained social workers.
The Care Team model provides several advantages to a “team” approach when it comes to caring for an individual or family with long-term health care needs.

Care Team members volunteer a minimum of 5 hours per month and are part of a Care Team of three to eight individuals assigned to one client. Over 450 daily Care Team volunteers (750 total volunteers per year) have provided 27,658 days of service in 2011. Volunteers are as diverse as our clients and are comprised of individuals, congregations, community and corporate groups. Volunteers are always needed.
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Care For Those In Need

Clients are often overwhelmed or without basic support systems.
In 2011, 325 individuals received case management and direct volunteer services from 129 Care Teams comprised of over 750 total volunteers.
126 clients received direct care with additional care and respite provided to 53 children under the age of 18 and 151 primary care givers.
Our clients and volunteers reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of Central Texas.
Clients and Care Team volunteers are located throughout Travis, Williamson and Hayes Counties.
Below is a cross section detailing all those to whom we provide service:

Client Diagnosis by % in 2011Client Demographic 2011

Of all clients provided direct care 55% are Female and 45% are Male.

Of all clients provided direct care:

  • 49 individuals are over the age of 60
  • 48 individuals are between the ages of 50 and 60 years old
  • 29 individuals are between the ages of 30 and 50 years old

Of all 126 clients provided direct care:

  • 46% report that they live alone
  • 38% live with another adult or their spouse/partner
  • 11% live with their adult child
  • 15% have children living with them that are under 18 years of age

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All care is provided at NO COST to the individual clients or their families.
A Majority of clients report reduced hospitalizations or re-hospitalization because of their Care Teams.
Annual costs are approximately $5,000 per client/per year or $25 per day.
Direct costs encompass client case management as well as volunteer recruitment, training, coordination and management.
Services provide an economical solution to improved in home health and healthy aging.

The Care Communities is completely funded by private donations, events, foundations, grants, as well as corporate donations and sponsorships.
We receive no funding from Federal, State or City government agencies.
We are generously supported by the St. David’s Foundation.