Who We Help

Care Receivers and their Care Givers

Our Care Recievers (clients) are those living with HIV/AIDS and/or Cancer who are in need of practical assistance relating to home care, yard work, pet care, transportation and general companionship support. While many of our Care Receivers have no support network, in some cases they will have a limited support network (usually an immediate family member or partner) and in these instances these Caregivers also benefit from our services in the form of respite time.


Services Provided

The Care Communities provides two different forms of services to our Care Receivers and their Caregivers through our staff social workers and volunteer Care Teams.

Our social workers assist Care Receivers in obtaining basic needs such as housing, food, utilities and medical assistance, as well as access to legal, budget management and self-care services.

Care Team volunteers provide practical, non-medical, assistance which can include: general companionship, providing transportation to medical appointments, pet care, general household upkeep and during this process, provide respite time for a Caregiver if one is present.


Who Qualifies For Services

Someone with HIV/AIDS with a T-cell count of:

  • 250 or below for men
  • 350 or below for women
  • 350 or above with additional medical conditions

Someone with cancer in:

  • stages 2-4
  • stage 1 with addition medical conditions

Individuals must also provide medical documentation and be in need of services relating to household upkeep, pet care, transportation , and/or companionship support.


What Do Services Cost

All services are provided free of charge to the Care Receiver.


How Does Someone Become A Care Receiver?

An official referral requesting services may be made either by phone, email, or in person. A staff member will respond by scheduling a visit to conduct an assessment of needs and determine eligibility. If eligible the individual is matched with a Care Team. Individual may be placed on waiting list if a Care Team is not available in the area. Once a match is made the individual will be notified by staff member. Staff member will schedule meeting between the individual and Care Team members. Services continue as long as necessary.

Information For Referral Services

  • If you are an individual working with an agency case manager, please have your case manager contact The Care Communities.
  • If you are an individual without an agency provided case manager, a family member or friend and are interested in a loved one receiving services please contact The Care Communities.