Volunteer with Us!

We all share the desire to help others, but our gifts, talents, and the amount of time we can commit to volunteering are all different. These differences are our greatest strength and we have opportunities for everyone.

For all volunteer opportunities, we ask that you please fill out a Volunteer Application Form

Care Teams

Our Care Team Members make up the majority of our volunteers. Simply put, it is an experience that will deeply impact your life just as much as the Care Receiver you and your team are paired up with. The only skill required here is the desire to help another that is in need. The team approach also only asks 4 hours a month from each member.

Visit the Care Team Page to learn much more.

In The Office

Coming to volunteer at the office has its rewards as well! You will get to meet and know the dedicated staff members that come in every day to make this organization a reality. There are a wide variety of opportunities ranging from short term projects to more long term assistance.

Visit the In The Office Page to see how you can help.

Special Events

Throughout the year we have several large events that require many extra helping hands. There is no such thing as too much help for our annual gala for instance. That night we need help doing anything from assisting with the silent auction to helping the groups coming to perform set up and tear down.

We also have our One Day Wonder opportunities. These are very specific needs that our Care Receivers have, but that are too large for a single Care Team to take on by themselves, but with the addition of another 10 or so volunteers, the project can be done in a day.

Visit the Special Event Page for more information on how to help with these short term, high energy projects.


We love our interns! Over the course of the year we have opportunities for college students seeking credit for internships in two areas. One is a social worker internship and requires the student to be on track for a degree in social work and the other is for students that are seeking an internship where they can gain credits in the fields of communication, PR, media and in some cases even computer science.

Please visit the Internship Page for more details on how to apply