Who We Are

We all understand the importance of family and friends in facing a life threatening illness. The Care Communities creates a volunteer family to help those confronting HIV/AIDS or cancer alone. Can you imagine being that person?


We recruit, train and forms teams of volunteers to provide practical, non-medical  and emotional support for people with HIV/AIDS or cancer who do not have a support system.  Each “care team” of 3-8 people is matched with one person or family, to take them to medical appointments, do light housekeeping, run errands, assist with yardwork and help them not face their illness alone.  We also match people with experience with cancer with someone newly diagnosed with the same type of cancer.  Our trained volunteers visit hospitals and treatment centers to support those who are undergoing cancer treatment, offering encouragement and providing blankets and hats.

                                                                                                                                                              Our video, Journey of Joy, explains more of what we do

Mission Statement

No one should have to face a serious illness alone. The Care Communities surrounds people who are battling serious illness with a dedicated family of volunteers and connects them to social workers who help ensure they have adequate housing, food, and income. Care Teams and one-on-one volunteers work together to help with non-medical daily tasks and offer companionship and emotional support to our neighbors who need it most.

Our History

The Care Communities began its mission in 1990 as the Central Texas Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN).  Under the auspices of other non-profits until 1997, we became our own 501(c)3 at that time.  With multiple name changes over the past 20+ years, we settled on The Care Communities in 2006.

We have grown to serve 80 families (240 people) per day in our Care Team Program, utilizing 600 active volunteers per day.


Both The Hill Country Ride for AIDS (established 2000) and Texas Mamma Jamma Ride (established 2009) were created under the financial and governance auspices of The Care Communities.  In 2011, both were spun off as separate entities.  The Care Communities remains one of the 10 beneficiaries of each ride.


A Williamson County satellite office was opened in Round Rock in 2010.  This office was moved to Georgetown in 2014.


In February 2014, Cancer Connection officially merged with The Care Communities.  Cancer Connections program functions as the dba Cancer Connection at The Care Communities.